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Complex Tender Evaluation

Specialist Tool for Collaboration, Evaluation, Control and Audit

Enhance your awareness, flexibility and control during evaluations

A robust, efficient system to control all complex tenders evaluation

Case Study: Delivering a robust and transparent tender for major infrastructure project

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For a complex or strategic procurement a specialist tool for collaboration, evaluation, control and audit is vital to manage risk.

Some sourcing events can be extremely complex.  You may have a requirement that includes multiple lots, optional approaches, many different stakeholders and levels of complexity that most technology platforms cannot support.

Our complex tender evaluation solution will enable you to manage the most complex of sourcing events through a technology platform that supports wide scale collaboration with multiple buyers and suppliers.

Our solution at this stage of the process provides access to a best in class complex tender evaluation solution through our delivery partner QinetiQ Commerce Decisions.  The Award solution will provide your teams with the technology solution required to manage and run complex sourcing projects through an on-line platform that allows collaboration of buyers across any location.  When you have a strategic project to manage, the process can be daunting and mistakes can be costly.  The management of complexity through the centralizing of information, electronic traceability of documents, controlling issues and clarifications, and the tracking of resolutions will ensure that your procurement teams can operate in the most effective manner.

The team at Apsiz provide the additional level of insight to any Award implementation that ensures that the use of the technology platform as a part of the sourcing process is maximised.  We can provide training and support in defining your complex sourcing processes to ensure that use of the tool is maximised to drive optimal delivery of results whilst ensuring that commercial risk is well managed.