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What is a spend recovery audit?

Our client recovered recovered HK$2.5m in erroneous payments through a spend recovery audit

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 tick-icon A spend recovery audit will provide a comprehensive review of payments you have made to your suppliers in the last 6 years looking for any duplicate or erroneous payments.
 tick-icon We will manage the review on your behalf, providing a full analysis of the spend, reporting any potential issues, investigating those issues until there is evidential proof of what exactly happened and then engaging with suppliers to recover any payments you have made in error.
 tick-icon We work on your behalf so that you do not need to provide resource or affect internal capacity from the day job, whilst the suppliers will not need to know that this is not actually a full time member of your team.
 tick-icon We provide this service on 100% risk and reward basis and so you do not need to find any budget.  There is complete clarity in the results as it is based on the value of money recovered from the supply base and we simply invoice for the agreed percentage retention following the completion of the review.
 tick-icon This means that at best you increase your bottom line by the recovered amounts.  In the worst case there are no funds returned to you, but you have a complete audit and assurance that your internal processes are robust.