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Procurement Solutions

Providing experienced, quality, delivery focused procurement solutions to support your specific needs across the whole procurement cycle or within individual aspects of the function as required.


The focus of our procurement solutions is on your broader business needs across whole value chain and entire procurement cycle or within individual aspects of the function as required.

The Apsiz team have extensive experience and expertise that will support the large scale transformation projects or focussed improvement plans within specific areas within any business of large or small. We deploy the right blend of people, best practices process and technology to deliver your aims and objectives in sustainable and repeatable fashion that generates greater business returns for our clients.

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Savings Delivery
At Apsiz Services we fully understand today’s market dynamics that impose a great deal of business challenges and cost pressures to our clients, our Savings Delivery Solutions focus on the complete management of the whole Procurement Cycle or client’s key spend categories embedded with our proven category focused approach, effective sourcing process and fully tested procurement technology to ensure the money is spent wisely in the first place and no savings are missed in all value for money deals.
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Effective Procurement
At Apsiz Services we look beyond just what the traditional procurement does as we are committed to deliver far more than just savings.

We provide experienced, quality, delivery focused resource to support your specific needs across the whole Procurement Cycle or within individual aspects of the function as required.We focus on comprehensive approaches to drive effective procurement throughout: we increase the visibility over spend, influence demand processes and change behaviours around it internally and externally. We endeavor to promote relationships to raise procurement game where procurement is empowered to gain sufficient supports and recognitions to its contributing efforts to the delivery of superior performance for the organisation.
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Business Innovations
We aim very high.  What Apsiz does exceeds the procurement role over its limits to where procurement transforms, innovates and releases superior values to support core-business growth and help client’s organisation remain competitive. As the mature industry practitioner, Apsiz have deep insights of value chains and understand the strategic context of varied sectors. We know what needs to be done to support our clients to achieve wider business success not only just procurement performance alone.
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