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Within any organisation, there are some suppliers who are critical and strategic in their relationship with you.  The procurement teams have to effectively manage these critical suppliers to ensure that they are driving the right behaviours to build sustainable relationships that are beneficial for both parties.  It is critical that you consider your impact on these critical suppliers as well as their impact on you and that you establish regular and routine engagement to drive continuous improvements and innovation.

The foundation to successful supplier management is robust data and information that will cover elements of spend analysis as well as contract management and performance metrics.  Having a technology platform to support supplier management will ensure that you can manage a standard process and that you maximise the use of available data and information.

Following the award of a contract with a supplier, it is critical that your procurement teams manage the delivery and performance of the supplier to ensure that you maximise the benefits of the deal you have put in place.

For large scale operations, it is critical that you adopt a standard process for contract management and the use of a technology platform can help you to manage the adherence to this standard process.  Use of a technology solution can also ensure that you have access to the data and information required to effectively and efficiently manage the contract throughout the whole term.

Our supplier and contract management solution will enable you to successfully collaborate with your critical suppliers, build sustainable relationships that are based on transparency and trust and enable analysis and reporting on the contract repository and ongoing contract management activities to ensure that you are effectively managing performance and delivery of expected benefits.

Our solution at this stage of the process provides access to a best in class on-line supplier and contract management solution through our delivery partner BravoSolution.  This solution will provide your teams with the technology solution required to establish and maintain robust measurement of key performance indicators across your critical supply base, to develop collaborative portals that give access to the supplier side resources as well as your own and to maintain complete visibility of supplier management activity and measurements across your whole procurement function and enable standard contract management processes that utilises data and information to drive improved performance.

The team at Apsiz provide the additional level of insight to any supplier and contract management solution implementation that ensures that the sustainable engagement of your critical suppliers is maximised with a focus on continuous improvement and innovation.  We have extensive commercial experience that can ensure effective deployment of the technology platform in support of operational delivery.