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All companies make erroneous payments at some stage of their operation, but large scale, diverse organisations who are operating on multiple systems or from multiple locations, face a bigger challenge to identify and manage these errors than most.

These organisations may have procure to pay processes that have evolved over many years and when operations are large scale and diverse  it is really difficult to manage and control your process to ensure that no areas of weakness have been introduced, allowing erroneous payments to be processed without knowledge.

The issues of scale and diverse operations, multiple or changing systems and old, legacy control processes all contribute to a significant increase in the risk of erroneous payments that may have seen many thousands of erroneous transactions being processed in error.

Our spend recovery audits will identify and recover any erroneous payments made in the last seven years and will identify process issues to ensure that these kind of payments cannot happen in future.

Our solution at this stage of the process provides access to a proven methodology to audit historical payments.  The methodology that has been developed by our delivery partner Twice2Much, will use a series of algorithms that have been developed and tested over many years.  They will often find the erroneous payments that many other solutions will leave undetected.

The solution can be provided on a complete risk and reward model which means that you have no upfront costs at all and have the benefit that you will receive the largest proportion of any recovered erroneous payments.

The team at Apsiz provide the additional level of insight to any spend recovery audit, that ensures procure to pay process weaknesses that are allowing these erroneous payments to be made in the first place and clearly identified.  We will work with your organisation to deliver appropriate solutions to resolve these process issues and to ensure that no erroneous payments are made in this way in future.