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Delivering Real Cost Savings Through Improved Spend Management

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Best practice, optimised procurement activity starts with robust spend analysis – you simply can’t manage a procurement function or category of expenditure without knowing how much you spend, what you spend your money on and who you spend it with. Spend analysis is a fundamental enabler of category and supplier management, and having good analysis and reporting at your finger-tips will enable you to successfully manage your procurement function and drive maximum results from your teams. Regardless of how disparate your data sources are or how poor your current data quality is, this solution can provide continuous improvement processes that will give your procurement on-line access to flexible reporting of procurement expenditure within eight weeks. Our Spend Analysis Solution will provide on-line access to spend reporting, that will enable increased identification and execution of savings opportunities through improved spend management. Our solution at this stage of the process provides a proven, best in class technology platform from our partner BravoSolution, with the additional benefit of experienced delivery resource from ourselves. The team at Apsiz provide the additional level of insight to any spend analysis implementation, that will ensure that you really adopt and use the solution, that you get the reports and analysis you need to drive improvement in commercial delivery and that you maximise your return on investment.