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Access technology that supports the sourcing process and provides secure, auditable, on-line access to buyers and suppliers.

The core operation for procurement functions is sourcing activities and any high performing team must ensure that their sourcing processes are robust, standardised, transparent and efficient.  Procurement teams must ensure that the sourcing cycle time is kept to a minimum, that the approach to market is optimised with maximum leverage with your suppliers whilst the management of commercial risk is always a primary focus.

The use of eAuctions in procurements is ever increasing as businesses recognise the additional benefits that this process can provide in reducing procurement cycle and negotiation time scales whilst driving down prices.  There is increasing acceptance that this stage of the sourcing process can be utilised for a wide range of goods and services – it is no longer restricted for use on commodity procurements only.

Efficient and effective sourcing activity is a challenge without the use of technology to support standard processes and to provide the levels of visibility into operations that is required to facilitate robust management of the whole procurement function.

Our e-sourcing tool will enable you to maximise efficiency and that standard deployment of your sourcing processes whilst ensuring that you manage commercial risk.  With flexibility to adopt an eAuction approach to achieve best possible savings in an efficient and effective process that reduces negotiation timelines.

Our solution at this stage of the process provides access to a best in class on-line eSourcing solution through our delivery partner BravoSolution.  This solution will provide pre-configured, standardised process templates with the flexibility to adapt and adopt in a way that meets your business requirements across the whole procurement function.

The eAuction module allows lets you manage and run your own auction processes as required.  Having access to your own auction team will enable you to maximise the utilisation of this part of the sourcing process without the need for expensive and inflexible use of external resources.

The team at Apsiz provide the additional level of insight to any eSourcing implementation that ensures that the solution is fully adopted and embedded across your organisation.  Our extensive operational experience in using eSourcing tools will ensure that your team utilise the eSourcing solution in a way that maximises the benefits and return on investment.  We can also provide training and support in establishing your internal eAuction team and support in defining appropriate processes and policies for use of this procurement approach.