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To effectively manage procurement operations you need to understand your supply base and the markets in which you operate in.  This requires in-depth knowledge of a wide scale of issues and to be high-performing as a procurement professional you need to analyse current and future developments in capabilities, capacity, technology, political stability, environmental issues, legal developments, social factors as well as economic fluctuations and developments.

Having such a wide scale of focus across a large scale supply base can present a challenge for most organisations and there is never enough focus in this area – you can never have too much commercial intelligence and information.

Our supplier qualification portal enables you to ensure that your procurement team has all the information required to drive outstanding results from your supply chain and any interaction with the markets.

Our solution at this stage of the process provides access to an on-line solution that pulls together available intelligence across all of these different aspects.  The portal can be tailored to integrate with your existing data sources, as well as enhanced through providing access to new data sources through our delivery partner services, providing your procurement team with robust intelligence on financials, supply chain, country risk and sustainability intelligence.

The team at Apsiz provide the additional level of insight to any supplier qualification portal implementation that ensures the integration of multiple data services and suppliers works smoothly.  We have managed cross-functional implementations many times and can engage on a technical level as well as functional level to ensure that the solution is tailored exactly to your needs.  We can work with your procurement teams to ensure that they understand the full capabilities and power that this solution can deliver to your operations.  This not only maximises return on this investment, but will maximise the return on investment in your procurement function as we enable your teams to drive outstanding results.