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Reduce Your Printing Costs by up to 50%

How to Reduce Your Hidden Printing Costs

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Case Study - Savings of $2,320.63 Over the Testing Period

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Procurement teams can support improved business performance in many different ways across different categories and part of the role of procurement is to identify solutions that can improve efficiency and reduce costs – solutions such as LeanPrint.

LeanPrint is an innovative enterprise software solution from Adobe which reduces print costs by up to 50%. All organisations can benefit from implementing this easy to use product as it works alongside your current print equipment or a managed print service.

The Adobe LeanPrint solution will enable you to easily reduce the costs of printing and reduce environmental impact without any change in your current contracts or IT environment.

The solution is really quick and simple to install.  It can either be accessed as cloud based software or hosted within your own servers. It automatically becomes the default printing option for all users so for every page printed in future, LeanPrint will be optimising how much paper is needed and how much toner or ink should be used.

The solution will maintain a quality print output but with a leaner use of consumables, meaning that as well as the compelling financial advantages, the reduction in paper and toner or ink has significant environmental benefits too.

The team at Apsiz can support you through the simple implementation process, to ensure that you have absolutely nothing to do to take advantage of these benefits other than providing a signature on the agreement.

You can take a free 30 trial of this great tool to discover how much printing is currently taking place, and the savings you can make in the future. You’ll save from day 1 of your trial, with absolutely no obligation so contact the team at Apsiz to start saving money today.