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QinetiQ Commerce Decisions support complex and strategic sourcing projects through the delivery of their software solution AWARD.The AWARD solution has been developed with QinetiQ Commerce Decisions expertise in controlling and managing information and best practice procurement.  The web based tool facilitates better engagement and information sharing between stakeholders, gives visibility of project status and provides an auditable history of evaluation and decision making which is fully defensible and compliant.Using AWARD to facilitate a strategic procurement ensures practitioners’ time is used in the most efficient way, focused on the project and not on the administration of multiple emails, spreadsheets or other communications platforms, whilst reducing risk and leading to better, more valuable contracts.AWARD can be used alongside other eSourcing platforms or as a standalone tool, depending on the most appropriate route for each the project.

We work closely with QinetiQ Commerce Decisions to provide:

This solution can be provided as a modular or integrated solution that includes all aspects of the other provider solutions across the Apsiz Services partner network.