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Benjamin Whyatt

Head of Recruitment

Benjamin joined Apsiz Services in 2014 as a recent graduate from Manchester Metropolitan University receiving a BA Hons in Business Management. Along with his degree Benjamin has qualifications in Leadership, Communication and Customer Service. From his experiences, from University and work, Benjamin has gained management and leadership skills through coaching and has consistently achieved working targets. Benjamin has also had experience in starting up and running a Business through the Business Project Young Enterprise whilst at University.

Previous Experience

Since joining Apsiz Services, Benjamin has developed his skills gained from previous roles and setting up his own company, to help manage the day to day activities at Apsiz Services but also to grow and develop the key offerings at Apsiz Services. Benjamin is the lead for the Recruitment offering at Apsiz Services and this is an area Benjamin has managed and grown since late 2015. Overall Benjamin developed a great understanding and offering to help support new and existing clients on a range of activities focused around Recruitment but which consistently feed into and support the Procurement and Bid Management Consultancy arms of Apsiz Services.