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Sustainability Analysis

How can you create a clear view of environmental impact?

Creating your sustainability analysis

Case Study: Using sustainability data to drive improved procurement practices

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The pressure for all businesses to be resilient, competitive and responsible is ever increasing and while it seems like these factors may be a contradiction against each other, corporates have to find the balance required to manage commercial operations in a sustainable manner.

Businesses face a range of growing pressure due to social concerns, environmental risks, and economic volatility. We believe easy access to data and collaboration with others with enable the innovation businesses need to overcome these challenges and build a more sustainable economy.

Our sustainability analysis solution will enable you to assess your own company performance in sustainable operations as well as analyse your whole supply chain performance.

Our solution at this stage of the process provides access to an on-line solution that provides big data analytics to produce unique insights into performance and risk that will robustly support commercial decision making.  The solution provided by our partner amee will give you the ability to assess, monitor and improve and manage the performance or your supply chain.  Having this depth of understanding in your suppliers performance will help you to maximise your own operational performance and will ultimately help you to drive reduced costs as well as improved environmental impacts.

The team at Apsiz provide the additional level of insight to any sustainability analysis implementation that ensures the return on investment is maximised.  We will work with your procurement teams to ensure that they understand the importance of this analysis and how they can best interpret the information provided to drive supply chain performance.