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Contract Compliance Review

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Following the award of contracts it is important to retain oversight and management of the delivery of goods and services in line with expectations and the agreed contractual terms.  As organisations grow and the pressures on procurement teams increase, it is typical that there can be a loss of focus on these checks and balances.  Situations of non-compliance can go undetected and organisations can often be overcharged or can miss opportunities to maximise efficiencies.

This can often lead to opportunities for improvement or even recovery of over-payments that can add money directly back onto the bottom line.

Our contract compliance review solution will enable you to ensure compliance with all contract terms and conditions, identifying any areas where there has been non-compliance and giving you the opportunity to rectify any known issues

Our solution at this stage of the process provides access to a proven methodology to measure contract compliance.  The methodology that has been developed by our delivery partner Twice2Much, will use a number of different approaches to deliver a comprehensive review of payment, delivery and process information for any number of contracts in scope.

The output of this review will give you a full report into the analysis and findings of the review as well as any recommendations for improvement or resolution of non-compliance.  If any non-compliance includes the potential recovery of over payments, the team can manage the process of recovery on your behalf, therefore removing any need for internal resources.

The team at Apsiz provide the additional level of insight to any contract compliance review that ensures any process weaknesses that are allowing non-compliance to happen in the first place are clearly identified.  We will work with your organisation to deliver appropriate solutions to resolve these process issues and to ensure contract compliance is maximised in future.

In certain environments, the solution can be provided on a complete risk and reward model which means that you have no upfront costs at all.  Please, contact the team at Apsiz to discuss how we we can start a no-cost review today.