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Category Management Toolkit

Transformation through category management - A Case Study

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Deploying standard lean processes with clear operating procedures, tools and guidance across your procurement teams is a key enabler to ensure that you are operating in the most effective manner.

You need to ensure that your procurement team is managing categories of expenditure in the most appropriate way, following best practice, maximising value to the business and delivering savings in a way that also considers quality and efficiency of operations.

There are many different aspects to consider throughout the whole category management process and it is difficult to ensure all of these aspects are being considered appropriately without the right tools.

Our category management toolkit will enable best practice procurement activity, improve efficiency and increase delivery of commercial benefits

Our solution at this stage of the process provides a proven set of standard process definitions, complete with tools, templates and guidance that can support and enable best practice activities at every stage of category management.

Available online with Support and Training as Required

These processes will ensure that your procurement team is operating in a consistent manner, is considering and managing commercial risk and is working in the most efficient way to deliver your specific business requirements.  This can be made available on-line to your team and we can support the deployment of this solution through our advisory services and training.