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NQC bring together award winning internet technology with procurement and supply chain management expertise to provide innovative solutions for supplier engagement.  Their web based platform enables organisations to connect and manage their suppliers and their supply chains in a refreshingly innovative way.  The user friendly design makes it easy for buyers to access supplier data and for suppliers to submit information in an efficient way.

NQCs technology solutions can integrate seamlessly with other eCommerce tools and data sources to create a powerful profile of each supplier and each supply chain.  This complete view gives visibility of risk factors to improve risk management and more responsible corporate behaviour. The analytical tools display information in easy to use scorecards reporting against key performance indicators.

The security accredited system enables information to be shared confidentially between parties and facilitates engagement throughout large and complex supply chains.We work closely with NQC to provide:

This solution can be provided as a modular or integrated solution that includes all aspects of the other provider solutions across the Apsiz Services partner network.