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Managed Sourcing

Managed service that performs sourcing events on your behalf

Utilise our specialist team to manage your sourcing - A Case Study

Focus on core business activities while we managing your sourcing

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This managed service will perform sourcing events on your behalf from definition of business requirements and pre-market engagement through to contract award, including eAuctions.

Meeting the demands of your internal customers as well as managing a high performing procurement function can often be a real challenge and a major exercise in prioritising resources against competing demands on time and effort.  The procurement needs of a business will often range from those complex, high risk strategic requirements to the multiple low value, low risk indirect spot buys and everything else in between.

One procurement team may not have the level of experience to manage complex, high risk procurements properly and will be looking for ad-hoc increase in capability for specific needs, whilst another procurement team may be so focussed on the complex strategic procurement activities that they do not have the capacity to manage the low value, high volume transactional sourcing events.  Either situation can cause major headaches for a procurement director who has to meet all requirements within a defined headcount.

This is where the team at Apsiz can help.  We have extensive experience in managing complex and operational sourcing events and have our own eCommerce technology that can support streamlined, lean processes for sourcing and eAuctions.  We can help to increase your capacity in providing trusted quality resources to manage sourcing activity on your behalf, allowing your own team to focus on the priority areas for your business.