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Business Performance Analysis

Establish appropriate measures to drive behavior change

Our approach to increasing performance management at all levels

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Understanding your internal business performance as a procurement function in alignment with your corporate objectives is absolutely critical when it comes to transforming delivery functions and improving commercial performance.  Having the right measures of performance and a robust mechanism for measurement as well as the governance and focus on looking at how the teams have performed month on month is absolutely key to driving the right behaviour. Building a transparent process and preparing monthly reporting that demonstrated business performance measurement is a time consuming process and can be challenging without building an independent programme office who will take an objective clear view and who are no incentivised to present information in one way or another.  It can be difficult to find the resources to perform this operation without affecting the operational delivery of your team.

Experience in Developing and Managing Business Performance Analysis

This is where the team at Apsiz can help.  We have extensive experience in developing and managing business performance analysis.  We can tailor our approach to ensure alignment with your specific corporate objectives, but our expertise and experience will ensure that the function is focussed on the right measures to drive the right behaviour and to maximise commercial performance.