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Opportunity Assessments

How can Opportunity Assessments deliver savings?

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This managed service will perform analysis of your spend information to produce an opportunity assessment that quickly identifies opportunities to improve commercial performance .

Analysing historical spend can be really insightful and can help you to understand and identify the opportunities there are for improvement in commercial performance.  These improvements could range from demand aggregation, rationalisation of suppliers, process improvements, standardisation and demand management as well as improved contract compliance unit price variance analysis and benchmarking.

A detailed opportunity assessment can be time consuming and challenging to do robustly if you do not have the capabilities or capacity within your team and it is often overlooked due to competing priorities to manage operational transactions.

This is where the team at Apsiz can help.  We have extensive experience in analysing spend and identifying opportunities for improvement and can often suggest improvements that your own teams would not have seen.  In having said that our recommendations for improvement are always practical and based from an operational perspective, with a focus on delivering procurement benefits and savings.

This service can be delivered in alignment with a spend analysis solution or can be delivered as a stand-alone managed service that is based on an existing set of spend data that you may now need to analyse to determine recommendations for improvement and deliver return on investment in the technology solution.