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Intelligence and Information at Your Finger-tips

Keeping track of market conditions and key supplier profiles can enable your teams to have a leading edge in any negotiations or discussions with your supply base.  An informed and intelligent buyer is much more capable of delivering high performing results, but having this level of intelligence and information at your finger-tips can be time consuming and requires capabilities that may not be immediately available within your teams

This is where the team at Apsiz can help.  We have extensive experience in delivering robust and informative market analysis and can work in partnership with The Smart Cube to deliver analytical services on an ad-hoc or routine basis to provide your procurement team with the information and intelligence they need to maximise their impact with the supply base.

Having this detailed information along with clear recommendations and insights into how this should be used to direct your approach to market can massively increase your commercial performance without impacting your resource availability, meaning you can quickly improve the performance of your teams without having costly or time consuming periods of data gathering and analysis up front.  This type of analysis can support the definition of your category strategy, can support the definition of a specific source plan or can support ongoing supplier management as required.