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Managing critical contracts and suppliers throughout the term of the agreement(s) is critical to maximising value and service delivery.  Your procurement team cannot forget about the contracts as soon as they have been awarded if you want to assure the commercial performance of the organisation, however, in an environment of increasing internal customer demands and static or reducing head counts, the pressure on procurement functions to manage timely sourcing activity often means that contract management and supplier management can be overlooked and neglected. This is where the team at Apsiz can help.  We have extensive experience in managing contract and supplier performance.  Our resources have managed some of the largest and most complex contracts in the UK to develop ongoing performance improvement and strong long-lasting supplier relationships with both parties being focussed on joint objectives and deliverables. We can manage your contracts and suppliers on your behalf, providing you with transparent and regular updates and clear measurable delivery that demonstrates continuous performance improvement throughout the term of your agreements.  This will add capability and capacity to your procurement function and will allow you to focus on meeting your internal customer demands as well as ensuring the continued maximisation of service and performance delivery of your supply base.