Category Strategies –

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Deliver Performance with a Robust Category Strategy

Delivery of improved procurement performance has to start with a robust category strategy.  This will set up a three to five year view of the business requirements, the market environment and the most effective approach to market to deliver maximum value and performance in each category of spend across your business. It is important to continually monitor your plan and progress as market conditions change over time and it can be time consuming for your internal teams to manage this as well as to deliver the procurement and sourcing events that are required across your business.

Experienced in Developing and Managing Category Strategies

This is where the team at Apsiz can help.  We have extensive experience in developing and managing category strategies with detailed understanding of many different markets. We can develop a robust strategy, calling on industry knowledge and experts, we can present these and plan your approach and we can continue to review and update these on your behalf, ensuring that your procurement teams are focussed on sourcing and contracting activities rather than analysis and data gathering.