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Managed Procurement Services

Our managed procurement services can be deployed to support your organisation as required, allowing your own resources to focus on the core strategic activities that matter and add most value to your business.


Increasingly procurement directors are being asked to deliver more with less and have to support increasing customer demands within existing or decreasing headcounts.  Internal process efficiencies through transformation and adoption of technology can help some way to achieve the objectives under this environment, but more and more organisations are considering use of managed services as a way to balance customer service and delivery with restricted internal capacity or capability.The team at Apsiz have extensive experience in managing procurement and can provide these services directly to you, enabling your own team to focus on strategic activities that are critical, specialist and / or deliver more value to the business.  Our team will become an extension of your own team, providing high quality, transparent services that can often exceed your expectations and can increase capacity and capability as required to ensure that you meet your customer demands. Our managed procurement services can support all stages of the procurement cycle including;

If you have issues with meeting internal demands and would like to discuss options to increase you capacity and capability, then please call one of the team today to find out ways in which we can help.