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Dun and Bradstreet, well known as D&B, is the global authority in business data, collecting and managing more than 237 million business records from more than 200 countries.  Over 100,000 organisations use D&B data to deliver the insight they need to create quality business relationships with their customers, suppliers and business partners.

Within the procurement and commercial functions D&B provide comprehensive tools to understand, analysis and categorise information.  This knowledge facilitates critical strategic, risk and performance decision making.Examples of these include:

  • Avoiding reputational and financial costs of a supplier failing
  • Avoiding legal implications from contracting with the wrong business
  • Providing due diligence with regard to regulatory obligations
  • Maintaining unique supplier records and removing costs of duplicate suppliers
  • Understanding corporate family relationships to enhance negotiations
  • Classification of supply base to adhere to corporate objectives such as number of SME suppliers or geographic location
  • Reducing costs of data management both systems and resources

We work closely with D&B to provide:

These products can be provided through an on-line portal as a modular or integrated solution that includes all aspects of the other provider solutions across the Apsiz Services partner network.