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Business Innovations

What Apsiz does exceeds the procurement role over its limits to where procurement transforms, innovates and releases superior values to support core-business growth and help client’s organisation remain competitive.



As we focus on becoming a close business partner and delivering greater wins for our clients, Apsiz will take on full responsibility for our commercial commitment to invest the best service team with strong skills and deep expertise to generate innovations supporting client’s business intents.

  • Transformational Procurement strategies help the development of procurement step change roadmap over year-on-year growth plan
  • Resource Solutions offer clients much flexibility to set balance of “in or out- source” options where to aggregate value resources onto the core-business areas
  • Procurement Strategy determines clear and sufficient forward-looking procurement objectives and goals that are aligning with the broader corporate strategy whilst supporting main business growth
  • A well-structured whilst a customer and market-centric procurement organisation enable Procurement Leadership and Organisational Alignment allowing procurement to proactively engage the external markets as well as the internal businesses company-wide
  • A broader approach of Procurement Performance practices that precisely interpret business needs measure procurement role in profitability therefore increasing procurement influence in the decision making over the organisation’s major business investments
  • Supplier Relationship Management realise suppliers’ great potentials, generate business Innovation and bringing strategic alliance partners to the heart of an organisation and surrounding its core business.