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Our Bid Management Services Can Help Your Business

Apsiz Services have been providing Bid Support to a variety of clients in both the private and public sector since forming in 2013. Our Bid Panel consists of a mixture of Procurement and Bid Writing / Management professionals, who all have proven success in this area, and are up to date with the latest market news, rules and regulations.

The team have unique experience from having worked on procurements and bids from both the Buyer and Supplier side, and therefore have inside knowledge on how to create a winning bid for your company. This will ensure success not just for your immediate requirements, but also for future bidding opportunities.

Does this sound familiar?

Using our experience and inside knowledge, we can help your company reflect on your strengths in the best possible way, which will enhance the score achieved by you during the evaluation process. Additionally, we can help your team understand exactly what is required from the tender, ask clarification questions, and interpret requirements in order to position your response most effectively. We will coach your team throughout the process, so that they are better prepared to manage tender proposals in the future.

Flexible Approach

Your business is unique, so the amount of support that you require will be tailored to meet your individual needs. You may need a small amount of support or you may require us to take on the entire process for you. In recognition of this, there are a number of ways in which Apsiz Services can support your company with any current or future bid:

Bid Services 
Bid ConsultancyBid Review
Bid ManagementBid Writing
Bid AuditsBid Training