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Bid & Tender Review

Have your Bid or Tender Reviewed

You may be experienced in preparing bids and tenders, but it is always worth asking a qualified third party to analyse them prior to submission.

A tender review could be the difference between winning or losing the business.

Why should you have your Bid or Tender Reviewed?

  • The tender and bid process is complex and constantly changing – our consultants keep ahead of developments, ensuring that you are working to the latest standards.
  • We understand exactly what information to include in the suite of documents and evaluation criteria, required to support your bid.
  • We can identify which areas require particular focus in order to achieve maximum marks.
  • We ensure that responses are structured correctly and required information and level of detail in the responses are correct.
  • We can provide an indicative evaluation score, enabling your team to further refine and improve prior to final submission.
  • For Public Sector tenders, we bring insider knowledge of the complex workings of Government procurement.
  • We have a very high success rate for winning tenders.

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