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Bid & Tender Management

We can Manage your Bid End to End

Bidding for new business is time consuming and requires processes to be followed rigorously, especially when trying to win public sector business.

You may not have the spare resource, bid management skills or experience to run a tender, or your internal bid team may benefit from extra resource and coaching.

Winning new business is crucial to the success and expansion of any organisation so you should never under estimate the potential when bidding for new business .

Experienced Bid Management Team

Our bid management team can provide flexible resource to run your bid to ensure that it is well managed and runs smoothly from identifying the opportunity to final submission.
Our experienced bid managers will oversee the entire bid process, pulling together all the supporting documentation and information, communicating with internal departments to prepare your responses.

Adding Value and Maximizing Score

  • We understand how to evaluate responses and add value to your bid, we make sure that your responses are tailored to maximise your score and therefore your chances of winning the bid.
  • Our team know, from experience, especially in a regulated environment, which particular sections of a bid require more detailed response and which sections and questions typically carry the most weight.
  • Given the time and resource needed to prepare, manage and submit a tender for new business, it is worthwhile investing in the expertise that is more likely to win you the business.

For more information about any of our Bid & Tender Management Services please feel free to call us on 0800 917 7884 or email us at