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Bid Consultancy

Let our bid consultants guide you to success

Our experienced bid consultants can guide you through all the complexities of the tendering process. We can help organise how your bid team works, speed up your response to tenders, and manage quality of responses across departments or individuals:

Bid Management

We can manage your bid end to end

Bidding for new business is time consuming and requires processes to be followed rigorously, especially when trying to win public sector business. You may not have the spare resource, bid management skills or experience to run a tender, or your internal bid team may benefit from extra resource and coaching. Winning new business is crucial to the success and expansion of any organisation so you should never under estimate the potential when bidding for new business.

Experienced bid management team

Our bid management team can provide flexible resource to run your bid to ensure that it is well managed and runs smoothly from identifying the opportunity through to final submission.

We will oversee the entire bid process, pulling together all the supporting documentation and information, communicating with internal departments to prepare your responses.

Bid Audits

Examine previous tenders to implement areas for improvement

To identify immediate areas for improvement in future bids, we can undertake a thorough audit of previous tenders submitted by your company which may not have scored as expected. This will highlight ‘quick win actions’ that can be easily implemented, and will provide an overview of the key areas which need to be developed in order to strengthen your company’s future bids.

We can also mirror the buyer’s evaluation model and weightings to stimulate the evaluation process of your previous tenders. This ‘buyer assessment’ enables us to focus on the major causes of concern identified, allowing us to prioritise all recommended remedial actions, leading to quicker improvement implementations within your bidding process.

Bid Writing

We can write your bid for your company or can support your bid writers

Securing new business via tender opportunities is crucial to many companies, but your bid writing team need very specific skills to prepare high quality tenders that will actually win you the work. The bid writing process is also time consuming and costly, and often takes resources away from their core duties.

Our bid writers have many years’ experience writing responses for both private and public sector tender opportunities. This means that we can take the stress away from your own staff and drastically increase the chances of your company winning a contract, securing work, or being awarded a place on a framework:

Bid Review

Why should you have your bid or tender reviewed?

As procurement professionals who’ve previously worked in public sector buying teams, we fully understand how to evaluate responses and can therefore quickly add value to your bid. We do this by making sure that your responses are tailored to maximise your score and therefore increase your chances of winning the bid:

Bid Training

Equip your internal team to win bids

Submitting a tender to win new business is the norm when dealing with the public sector. The process is also becoming far more common within the private sector when organisations are looking to engage new suppliers. Investing in bid training for your team could make all the difference. If your staff are unfamiliar with complicated bid and tender processes, you stand less chance of success than your competitors who may be better prepared or already experienced in tender submissions.

We can train your internal bid team

If bidding for new business is part of your company’s future growth strategy, then investing in bid training to gain the skills required to win bids is a sound business decision: