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Amee uses data and technology at scale to help businesses address critical challenges and enable more intelligent use of resources. amee believes that our rapidly changing economy and environment requires a new approach to risk.Amee provides a new lens on supply chain analytics by providing the additional layer of environmental information, enabling clients to assess the environmental risks associated with their suppliers.Amee has created the only repository of business and environmental insight on all UK businesses. By working with leading disclosure organisations and business information companies, as well as aggregating freely available environmental data from across the web, we have opened up supply chain management to include sustainability factors vital to the success of today’s businesses.amee has also developed the ameeScore, a new efficiency metric, to publicly rate companies, making environmental data transparent and easily accessible.Apsiz Services Ltd works closely with amee to provide:

  • Data Enrichment
  • Supplier Intelligence

These products can be provided through an on-line portal as a modular or integrated solution that includes all aspects of the other provider solutions across the Apsiz Services Ltd partner network.